Our commitment

Our commitment

The quality policy of the Vence Tourist Office

Quality, this already means welcoming you in the most beautiful environment :

  • The Vence Tourist Office welcomes you in an authentic Belle Epoque villa with exceptional décor and murals, entirely restored for you.
  • Our reception area allows you to find information on a self-service basis, daily updated and easily accessible.
  • Our tourism specialists give you a personalized, warm and friendly welcome. They listen to your needs.
  • The lounge area allows you to consult our documentation, to reply to our customer satisfaction questionnaire or simply to take a break with a beverage available to our visitors and a children’s area.
  • Our shop allows you to buy a souvenir from Vence to take home or to buy publications on history or tourism.
  • The museum area of the villa offers you the key to the fascinating universe of Gombrowicz, the famous Polish writer.

Quality, this also means a team working on a daily basis :

  • The Tourist Office not only welcomes you at a new location, but it is also committed to “Quality Tourism”.
  • Renewing and sharing our know-how, our procedures, replying to 130 quality criteria, enhancing the performance of our services, measuring the satisfaction of our customers, schooling our staff… Quality tourism is a major challenge for our whole team.
  • Quality means above all a personalized commitment to our visitors.
  • Developing a customized reception.
  • Providing relevant information, up-to-date, available to everyone in several languages.
  • Updating our offers and our products thanks to the professionalism of our tourist-service providers and our retailers.
  • Identifying flaws, gathering suggestions thanks to our customer satisfaction questionnaires and our complaints forms.
  • Developing a responsible tourism.
  • Keeping in mind the quality of the service, the experience and the customer satisfaction all over our tourist destination.


This tourist office classified in Category II is committed to:

  • Provide you with easy access to a reception area and an information area.
  • Facilitate your processes.
  • Offer you furniture where you can sit down.
  • Provide you with free information on local tourist attractions.
  • Display and circulate its opening dates in at least 2 foreign languages.
  • Offer you free-to-access WiFi.
  • Open at least 240 days a year, including Saturdays and Sundays during the tourist season or events.
  • Reply to your letters all year round.
  • Guarantee a permanent reception service from staff who can speak at least two foreign languages.
  • Guarantee the provision of tourist maps, plans and guides in paper format.
  • Provide you with access to its trilingual website.
  • Also circulate its tourist information in paper format, translated into at least two languages, in relation to:
  • All rated tourist accommodation, mentioning at least the name of the establishment, the address details, the email address, the website address, the telephone contact details and the rating level  
  • Monuments and cultural, natural or leisure attractions, mentioning the rates, public opening dates and times, the website and the telephone and address details  
  • Events and organised activities
  • Emergency phone numbers
  • Update its tourist information every year.
  • Display the emergency phone numbers outside.
  • Present all qualifying offers within its working area for all customers.
  • Process your complaints and measure your satisfaction.
  • Follow a quality control process.
  • Offer you access to a tourist information assistant
  • Guarantee that the information on local tourist attractions is reliable and up-to-date.