City of Arts and of violets, Tourrettes-sur-Loup has a perfect geographic location between the sea and the mountains, at 20km from Nice and at 30km from Cannes.

Walled town built around its imposing castle around the 14th century, Tourrettes-sur-Loup has an original architectural richness based on a main semi-lunar shaped street. Secret village, Tourrettes reveals its mystery only when you enter its gates situated on each side of its main square. 
The violet of Tourrettes-sur-Loup has made the village famous for over a century. Perfumed, colorful and very appreciated for its bouquets as well as in perfume and candy making, the violet “Victoria” is still cultivated. The Violet Feast, celebrated on the 1st or the 2nd week end of March, announces the coming of Spring with the flowery decoration of many floats (visit of the violet fields from November to March)

For over 50 years, through its small winding streets and lanes, old houses home workshops and boutiques. You can discover many different artisans at work, such as painters, sculptors, weavers, potters, mosaïsts, designers… which allows you to discover their unique and unusual creations.


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